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    It’s my birthday! Yeah, buddy! The weather is awesome, so far my day has gone well, and I’m about to leave to go to Sephora, so it can only get better from here! The only doctor-y thing I even had to do today was go in for a blood draw, and that was zippy! Here’s to an amazing rest of the day! How have your days been going, my lovelies?

    Happy birthday! You’re adorable!

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    Happy Tuesday!

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Holy shit almost passed out giving blood that was not fun.

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    My friend made this humans of Portland state page on fb so he took a picture of me wearing my running sucks shirt and put it up hahaha.

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    This isn’t important but I felt like typing it bye.

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    About how to handle dancing while being disabled.


    mosaicmonster said: “Dance like nobody’s watching! Who gives a crap what they think? But be prepared for drunks to come hug you crying “you’re so inspirational!”. So, yeah, flask for sure”.

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    ohhhh I see. I thought they were too busy talking and you had to sit there in the cut chair forever.

    Haha nahh, But she did leave the cape on for a good hour and I didn’t know if she was done or not? So I just left it on cuz idk.

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    why did it take 2.5 hours to take a half inch off your hair I could do it faster and I can only stand for like 15 minutes before my legs start swelling. Even including breaks I could probably do it in a hour. Also 40$? a simple trim should be like 20

    Bc my aunt was getting hers dyed. So mine took like 20 minutes and hers was the rest of the time. And yeah it was $30 but I tipped her $10. Also it might be an inch idk I can’t tell haha the majority of my split ends are gone though so I’m good.

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    Shit, at that point you could just cut your own hair.

    That’s what I’m sayin! Like $40 to sit there for 2.5 hours and listen to her and my aunt talk about pointless shit and then she takes a little off mine and boom done. She felt bad for me though so she tried to curl it. Which didn’t work because my hair is too heavy but yeah.

    I’ll find some high schooler in the cosmo program and get them to do it.

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    aquarius3159 asked: Have you (or anyone you know) ever received funding for vehicle modification? I use a wheelchair and there is no way I can afford it myself, but I'm a college freshman and it's starting to become a necessity.

    Well, I know that when we got my car and looked into having insurance help with hand controls, they told us no. They told us driving is a privilege and they won’t cover it. Also my driving lessons were $160 each. Rather than the $40 for regular lessons, because I had to go to someone special, which was the lamest shit. But my instructor was actually really nice and we’re friends now and would go out to eat every few months and I made a point to see her when I went home.

    I’m assuming that hand controls were what you meant? Idk about other modifications bc we didn’t get anything else. But maybe if there’s an association like the MDA they might help you? I really don’t know, I’m a part of the MDA but I don’t recall even bothering to ask.

    Good luck though I know it’s a pain in the ass but it’ll be so worth it in the long run.

    So yeah anyone else have something to add?

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    I got my hair cut but she only took like half an inch off I don’t understand what the point of that is.

  12. sagittariusangelwings asked: Where'd you get your "running sucks" shirt?

    Walmart! Idk if they still have them, my mom got it for me like over the summer I think.

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    Comic-con adventures!!!

    I wanna go I wanna be a mermaid. :(

  15. I’m wearing all black and sitting alone drinking coffee I feel like the ultimate art student. Too bad I don’t smoke or my image would be complete.